The Laminitis Clinic
Mead House
Wiltshire. SN15 4JA.

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University of Liverpool 1972-1977
Graduated with degree of BVSc with credit in clinical medicine

RCVS Certificate in Equine Practice 1986
RCVS Certificate in Equine Orthopaedics 1987
Diploma of Fellowship of RCVS 1993

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Ed Boden. Balliere Tindall.

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July 1977 Qualified BVSc, MRCVS, University of Liverpool.
October 1977-March 1979; Hopkins and Nuthall M'sRCVS, Battle, Sussex. Mixed practice.
March 1979-March 1980; S. McDiarmid MRCVS, Co. Limerick, Eire. Thoroughbred stud and hunter practice.
March 1980-October 1980; J. Craven, Cossington, Leics. Equine practice.
October 1980-October 1983; Day and Partners, Newmarket, Suffolk. Specialist equine stud and racing practice. Experience gained in routine stud examinations, ultrasound echography, stud and racing soundness for purchase examinations, stud bacteriology, paediatrics, horses in training routine medicine and surgery, endoscopy, radiography, anaesthesia, and orthopaedics.
October 1983-February 1984; Scone Veterinary Clinic, Scone. New South Wales, Australia. Thoroughbred stud and racing practice.
February 1984-October 1984; Resident veterinary surgeon at Airlie Stud, Co. Dublin, Eire. Responsibility for four Thoroughbred stallions, 200 mares, foals and followers, 200 mare foaling unit.
October 1984-August 1985; Locum tenens appointments to equine practices in GB.
Stirk & Stirk, The Grange, Sutton Grange, Ripon, N. Yorks. HG4 4PB.
J.R.F. Crouch MRCVS, Billingshurst, W. Sussex.
P. Scott Dunn, Straight Mile Farm, Billingbear, Wokingham, Berks. RG11 5RW.
August 1985-October 1987; Lecturer, University of Liverpool, in Equine Studies.
Responsibility for referred equine medicine and surgery cases, student teaching.
November 1987-January 1988 Self employed on the Wirral, Merseyside.
January 1988 to May 1988 Unemployed.
May 1988; Established The Laminitis Clinic, University of Bristol, Langford.
May 1993; Moved the Laminitis Clinic to Mead House Farm, Dauntsey, Wilts.
1995 Founded registered national charity The Laminitis Trust, Director and member of the Scientific Committee.
1998 Incorporated Equi Life Ltd, distribution company for nutritional supplements, hoof dressings and laminitis related products.
2004 Developed and launched Formula4 Feet, TLC Frog Supports and WeighTapes.
2006 Developed, trialled and launched Solutio
n4 Feet and Vitex4 Equids.
2007 Developed a new surgical technique for the treatment of severely affected acute founder and sinker cases.
2008 Ran a clinical trial into the management of insulin resistance in equines by dietary supplementation.

Organiser/Co-speaker with Burney Chapman, Laminitis Weekend Symposium, University of Liverpool. September 1987.
National Association of Master Farriers meeting at Stoneleigh, Warwicks. 'Heart bar shoeing technique'. December.

National Association of Master Farriers meeting at Stoneleigh, Warwicks. 'Heart bar shoeing technique'. Feb.
Lakeland Veterinary Association-Laminitis. June
East Midlands Veterinary Association-Laminitis. July
Bedford branch of Farriers Association-Laminitis. November

Sussex Veterinary Association-Laminitis. January
Cotswold Veterinary Society-Laminitis. May
Veterinary undergraduates University of Bristol, May

Society of European Equine Veterinary Surgeons, Utrecht, The Netherlands. March
Veterinary undergraduates University of Cambridge, May
National Association of Master Farriers AGM Stoneleigh, Warwicks. July

Joint veterinary/farriery meeting in Kildare, Eire. April
Demonstration International Veterinary/Farriery meeting Knutsford, Cheshire. Nov

Annual lectures to MSc Equine Studies students, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Feb 1993-2012
Lameness Congress, Cambridge England. August
World Veterinary Congress, Geneva, Switzerland, three presentations Nov

88th Annual Conference of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn, Alabama, USA, two presentations, October
Annual Conference at the Equine Research Centre, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, two presentations Nov

AVEF Toulouse, France. March
International Conference on Feeding Horses, England, three presentations May

Veterinary undergraduates Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. February
Annual Conference of the Mexican Association of Equine Veterinarians, Guadalajara, Mexico, two presentations June

CESMAS, Cordoba, Spain. April
International Conference on the Feeding of Horses, Stoneleigh, England. September

Vaillant meeting of farriers La Roche sur Foron, France. January
Joint meeting of veterinarians and farriers Rome, Italy. March
Joint meeting of veterinarians and farriers Compeigne, France. May
World Equine Veterinary Association, Paris, France. October
Equine Event, Stoneleigh, England. November
6th Congress of Equine Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, Geneva, Switzerland. December

Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, England. January
Farrier Focus meeting Denver, Colorado, USA. November
University of New Hampshire, USA November

First International Equine Conference on Laminitis and diseases of the foot. Ritz-Carlton Hotel, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. 8-9th Feb
Hartpury College Students Feb
Demo for Dengie employees, Dauntsey. April
Organised National Laminitis Awareness Month May
Worshipful Company of Farriers Laminitis Conference, The Moller Centre, Cambridge.May
1The pathology and diagnosis of laminitis. 2 Medical Treatment and the Eustace Shoe
Veterinary undergraduates, University of Bristol, May
Veterinary undergraduates, University of London, May
Veterinary undergraduates, University of Cambridge, May
1st UK Farriery Convention Myercough College, Preston. Sept
BHS Scotland Burgie, Inverness, Scotland. Sept

Midforest Veterinary Practice lecture Lyndhurst April
Hartpury College May
Veterinary undergraduates, University of Bristol, May
Cottam lecture farriers meeting June
Mullacott Veterinary Practice lecture demo July
ILPH Lecture Newmarket October
BHS Scotland lecture Nov
Veterinary undergraduates University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Nov
Veterinary undergraduates University of Glasgow, Scotland, Nov

Equine Laminitis BEVA/NAFBE meeting Stoneleigh Oct
Farrier Focus meeting Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. November
8th Congress of Equine Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, Geneva, Switzerland. The Laminitis Trust Feed Approval Mark.Dec

Practice Meeting Penbode Veterinary Practice Feb
Veterinary Practice Journal Meeting London March
NW Labs veterinary surgeons meeting Preston May
Demonstration C.L.A.S, Dunadry, Ulster July
International Caspian Horse Society Conference, Rutland, August
Lakeland Riders Group Oct
AVEF Pau, France. Oct
Worshipful Company of Farriers Apprentices Meeting, Stoneleigh, England Oct
Natural Healing Group, Foxham, England Nov
Equine Lameness and Farriery Course, Racing School, Newmarket, England Nov

VPP Ghent, Belgium Feb
Bicton College, Somerset Feb
Farrier Group, Stromsholm, Exeter, England March
Finnish Horse and Pony Breeders, Helsinki, Finland. April
Lifelearn farriers and vets meeting Newmarket June
Equine Veterinary Surgeons meeting Berlin, Germany, June

EqWest veterinary practice meeting, Cornwall, March
University of Lincoln, March
Drove Equine Practice, Swindon, April
Farrier and Veterinary Surgeons meeting Chechzin, Poland. May
Faversham & District RC Lecture on Laminitis, June
BHS Scotland Lecture, Lockerbie, Scotland, September
ILPH Scotland Lecture on Equine Obesity, Scotland, September

Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic lecture (Schering-Plough Animal Health) March

Royal Veterinary College Lecture- Laminitis April
Lecture/demo at Raystede Animal Sanctuary May
Lecture/demo for Dengie Crops Ltd staff July
Werkman farriery seminar, Groningen, The Netherlands Oct
University of Glasgow Veterinary Medical Association, Scotland.Nov
Curriculum lecture to University of Edinburgh Veterinary Undergraduates, Scotland. Nov
10th Congress on Equine Medicine and Surgery. Two presentations. Geneva, Switzerland. Dec

World Equine Veterinary Association, Coronary band splits and horn infection. Moscow, Russia Jan
Ardene House Veterinary Practice client meeting, Aberdeen, Scotland. April
European Society for Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology Munich, Germany Sept

International Laminitis Symposium. Significance of coronary band separations following acute founder. Free University of Berlin, Germany. November
Vet/Farrier meeting University of Brno, Czech Republic, November

Presentation to Veterinary / Farrier meeting Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, January
Presentations to Veterinary / Farrier meetings Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah United Arab Emirates, December

Hufbeschlagtagung für Hufschmiede und Tierärtzte. Munich, Germany. December

Presentation at Telford, Salop, England

Presentation at The Horse Trust, Bucks, England